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2016 Sundance Film Festival Catalog

Design and production of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Catalog.

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2016 Sundance Film Festival Film Guide

The design and production of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Film Guide. This was the main publication used by festival goers.

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2015 Sundance Film Festival

Environmental Graphics for the venues of the Sundance Film Festival ’15. Designs were done within style guides of the 2015 festival branding and included banners and window graphics for the various venues.  All designs focused on the eclipse or the ’15 motif to create a cohesive design across all locations.

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Table Designs

Proposed shuffleboard and conference table designs and renderings for a security company using their shield. Designs done with Kevin Arthofer.

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Upper Landing Park

This project involved the creation of an identity and environmental graphics for an abandoned lot that was transformed into beautiful park. The project focused on directing people through the park with wayfinding, engaging visitors with the rich site history found on the interpretive signage and creating identifying elements for the new park.

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Historic Exhibit Wind Screen

Located at the base of the Walkway over the Hudson elevator, this installation creates an enjoyable learning experience for visitors. Each panel is made of mesh that allows both light and air through while featuring a historic photograph and key facts about the walkway’s construction and the revival efforts taken to turn it into a public pedestrian bridge.

This project was completed in 2014 while working at Drake Creative.


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Blue Flower Arts

Maintaining the established identity and style of Blue Flower Arts.  Project scope included many printed pieces including an artist catalog, roster, brochures, postcards, and ads.  In addition, I was responsible for design various swag products and the design of their new website.

All design was done while at Drake Creative.

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Walkway Identity Sign

With a growing presence in the community and an effort to expand tourism, this identity sign announces an access point to the bridge, as well as draw attention to the historic structure by contrasting it with a new material. At night the sign is lit to create a safer street space and to once again call attention to the trestle.

Design completed in fall 2014 while at Drake Creative.

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Mediation Center

The Dutchess Mediation Center had a preexisting logo, but no consistency in agency materials. I was presented with the task of creating a unified identity for various agency brochures in addition to materials for their Anti-Bullying campaign.

This project was completed while working at Drake Creative.

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Cheesecake Box

Packaging concept for Table Talk Diner’s cheesecake box. One to take home and one to ship.

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Half Moon Theatre

Design and maintenance  of Half Moon Theatre’s identity in production materials.  In addition to designing posters, I also redesigned the website.

View Half Moon Theatre’s Site»

Designs completed while at Drake Creative.

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Solid State Cooling

Developing and maintaining a cohesive design for all of Solid State’s printed materials for use in sales and at industry trade shows.  This project included the layout of spec sheets and posters, designing of tables and graphs, and the development of banners and additional materials for over 15 different products.